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Why do Pilates?  

What are the BENEFITS?

Why should you be aware of your own BONE HEALTH?

Welcome to The Pilates Centre...

Not surprisingly,  we're hugely proud of our full-time studio, classes and (of course) our students. We are flattered that we have won national awards over the years. 

We strive to create classes that challenge but are also enjoyable. It's important to us (and you obviously!) that you enjoy the classes.

We also try to promote important health awareness to our students and beyond; whether it is cancer, bone health/osteoporosis or post-operative/post-diagnostic advice and care.  


If we don't know the answer, we can point you in the right direction.        Sarah 




What can you expect in a class?

Most classes start standing up (although from time to time, classes are started sitting down or lying down). The instructor will run through set-up procedure with everyone at the start, focussing on posture and alignment and then will remind everyone how to find their neutral spine position (the ideal spinal/pelvis alignment) and set it in place by engaging the core (we'll show you how to do this too with some useful hints and tips). 

The gentle, controlled moves that you then do throughout the 45min or 60min session are designed to make your spine want to move; it'll want to twist, rock to one side, flatten or arch (or all four!) You focus on using the core muscles to try to prevent this spinal movement, trying to keep in neutral spine position and therefore strengthen them in the process. Bish, bash, bosh. That's it. As simple as that 

Interspersed throughout the session are stretches and changes of position. In each different position; whether lying on your back, lying on your stomach, lying on your side, seated or on all fours, the instructor will explain how to find the neutral pelvis and spine in each.

So, not that scary, eh?


Classes & Prices

Mat Classes

Our highly popular studio mat classes are held most days.

Group classes (maximum class size 10-12 to make sure  everyone receives the individual attention they require).

Classes involve a series of precise, flowing movements designed to increase body awareness, core endurance and breath capacity.
Classes and exercises can be adapted for the less-mobile individuals or pregnant ladies.

Daytime classes : £10 per session pay-as-you-go

Evening classes: 6-week block basis (£54 for 45min classes, £60 for 60min classes)

Private 1-on-1 and 1-on-2 Mat Classes

These can be timetabled whenever would suit you, the client (obviously not clashing with mainstream classes, of course!).

Session content can be tailor-made to suit you and what you want to get out of the sessions.



​Private 1-to-1 : £45 per 60min session 

Private 1-to-2: £60 per 60min session


£70 single 1-hr session 

(book/pre-pay any course of 10 and save £50)



We all worry about our posture; let us assess you and see where we can help you improve!

Our Timetable

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                                                                           11.00-12.00 pm                                        10.00-11.00am

                                                                             MAIN HALL                                                MAIN HALL

       6.00-6.45pm          6.00-6.45pm              6.00-6.45pm

         STUDIO                   STUDIO                      STUDIO

       7.00-8.00pm                                              7.00-8.00pm              7.00-8.00pm

         STUDIO                                                       STUDIO                       STUDIO




Sarah Pillage
Studio Owner
Chief Instructor

Sarah is the founder of The Pilates Centre and is a self-confessed Pilates nut.


She initially came to Pilates over fifteen years ago for a lower back issues and found that within a very short time she noticed significant improvement, mobility and far less pain.

In 2010 she underwent a hemi-laminectomy to treat a prolapsed disc and in 2011 she underwent a 3-level lumbar spinal fusion operation; two days after which she was doing basic moves in her hospital bed, despite being still attached to

tubes and drains.

She is now completely pain free, mobile and strong.


Her experience of years of severe back pain has mean that Sarah

can sympathise with those who come to her with similar chronic

pain issues.


She knows that Pilates can, and will, help and will always give her full support to anyone who comes through her doors, scared of pain and desperate to try to ease their symptoms. 



"I just want to say a massive "thank you" to Sarah for her time and dedication in teaching me the core principles of Pilates. With her precision and attention to detail I have overcome some troublesome muscle imbalances that have hindered my quality of life in the past.

Thanks to Pilates I am far more body aware and with Sarah's strong sense of enthusiasm and care I have been able to strengthen core muscles and address imbalances from the inside.

Sarah has a kind but firm way of teaching and naturally guides each move to ensure accurate execution.'.

"I have been diagnosed with a neurological condition called Ataxia. It causes tremors in my speech, arms and legs. It also affects my balance and co-ordination.

I came across The Pilates Centre on the internet and contacted Sarah to see if I could give Pilates ago. I go to classes twice a week. Sarah is really friendly and lets you work at your own pace.

Just after a few sessions I can feel that the stretching and core movements are helping me with some of the tremors. (Yippee!!!)
Pilates is definitely for me.

Thank you, Sarah Pillage."

"I would say Sarah certainly makes people feel very welcome, and no matter what level we are she make us all feel we are working together, which is, I think, an amazing talent in teaching. She is also prepared to increase our knowledge to help in areas that relate to Pilates and the body, which can only be beneficial to us, her students.


She is also an inspiration to anyone who has suffered from back pain or any pain come to that... I know I can only thank her for what she has helped me achieve so far and seriously looking forward to what's to come...."  



Our Address

Studio 2

The Way of the Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts Centre

520 Foleshill Road


West Midlands CV6 5HP

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday:  9am – 8pm

Friday :  9am - 12pm

Call: 07866 427530