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The benefits of pilates after
10 sessions

Practice Pilates at The Pilates Centre in Coventry and you will definitely begin to feel a real difference.


Remember though, it is not a quick-fix programme, but after an initial 10 sessions:


  • You will probably feel better about yourself than you have in long while.

  • Your posture will improve - you'll be standing taller and your abdominal muscles will be held in better.


  • You will breathe better, which will improve your circulation, your metabolism and your skin tone.


  • You will discover which parts of your body are weakest, and which parts need to become more flexible. Whichever part of your body needs most work; that's where you'll feel it first


  • You will find your centre, and learn how to better stabilise your  body. Your abdominal muscles will also start to firm up, even if you can't see it yet.


  • You will also learn how to stabilise your shoulders and lengthen the back of the neck so that years of neck and shoulder tension can begin to ease, and your shoulder and arm movements can improve.


  • As you lubricate your joints and stretch out your muscles you will generally feel less stiff.


  • The combination of increased flexibility and core stability means you will begin to move with greater ease

And that's just the start...

The benefits of pilates after
20 sessions

Practice Pilates for approximately 20 sessions and you will actually see the difference:

  • Your muscles will be firmer and will have a more toned appearance

  • Your abdominal muscles will strengthen and your stomach will begin to look flatter

  • Your thighs will firm up and should start to look a little slimmer

As you learn to stretch your muscles, your general flexibility will improve. 


After 20 sessions, you should see yourself reaching further in your stretches.


  • Your spine and hamstrings will be more supple

  • You will be able to peel your spine off the mat more fluidly

  • If you try to touch your toes, the tips of your fingers will probably reach nearer the floor than they used to

  • After 20 sessions, you will look a lot more comfortable in your body.  Years of stored tension are being released and you will move with a new-found grace.  Your hip joints, knee joints, shoulder joints and ankle joints will all be freer, and your balance and co-ordination will improve.  Your skin will look cleaner and your will feel less stressed, more focused and ready to face the world.

  • Build regular Pilates practice into your life and the results will speak for themselves.  

  • You may find you start receiving compliments on how much younger, fitter and more relaxed you look.  You will, no doubt, feel better about your body than you have in years.  You will have a lot more energy and your confidence will positively soar. ​

  • You will look and feel more attractive. And, of course, the happier you are, the more people are drawn to you.

The benefits of pilates after
30 sessions

After 30 sessions performing Pilates correctly you will see real results:

  • You will look stronger and sleeker, You are beginning to rebalance your body, toning up flabby muscles and stretching out bulky ones

  • Your abdominal muscles will be firmer and flatter, the saddlebags on the outside of your thighs will slim down and your inner thighs will be less wobbly

  • Your upper arms will look more toned; your buttocks will be lifted and firmer. Your will be the proud owner of a more streamlined shape.  Some people find that they go down a clothing size in 30 sessions without actually losing weight.  Muscles take up less space in your body than fat, and after 30 sessions you will definitely build more muscle.  Plus, more lean muscle increases your metabolism (the rate at which you burn off fat).  Do combine Pilates with a healthy weight-loss plan, to lose weight

  • With your new flexibility, you will find you can move more freely with fewer aches and pains.  Chronically overworked muscles will relax, lower backaches ease, neck and shoulder tension lesson.  Your joints will be more mobile and should cause fewer problems

  • You will have much better body awareness and your will improve your alignment.  You will discover bad habits and re-educate your body.  You will teach yourself a whole new way of moving and develop a much more youthful posture

Inner benefits:

  • You will feel rested and relaxed, and your mind will be more alert and open to new challenges.  After all, you face new challenges every time you practice Pilates

  • The overall result is that your self-esteem will soar to new heights.  You will feel much more confident and experience a profound sense of wellbeing

  • I’m also willing to bet that after 30 sessions, you will have finally found an exercise programmed you actually enjoy and you that you can imagine sustaining for the rest of your life.

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