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Sarah Pillage BSc, MBA

Studio Owner
Chief Instructor

Sarah is the founder of The Pilates Centre and is a self-confessed Pilates nut.


She initially came to Pilates over fifteen years ago for a lower back issues and found that within a very short time she noticed significant improvement, mobility and far less pain.

In 2010 she underwent a hemi-laminectomy to treat a prolapsed disc and in 2011 she underwent a 3-level lumbar spinal fusion operation; two days after which she was doing basic moves in her hospital bed, despite being still attached to tubes and drains.

She is now completely pain free, mobile and strong.


Her experience of years of severe back pain has mean that Sarah can sympathise with those who come to her with similar chronic pain issues.


She knows that Pilates can, and will, help and will always give her full support to anyone who comes through her doors, scared of pain and desperate to try to ease their symptoms. 

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