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Bone Health Scan Clinics

Did you know...

You reach your peak bone health at around 30 years of age. After this age, the natural ageing process means that your bone health deteriorates.... especially if you are female. 

Over 3million people in the UK are estimated to have osteoporosis.

Could you be at risk?

Osteoporosis is often called the "silent disease"... often not diagnosed until it's too late and permanent damage has been done.  

If you're serious about your bone health then you should really come and have a scan.  Better to find our sooner rather than later, right?

Adults (young and old), children, sportsmen and women; everyone should be aware of their bone health. It's not just the elderly who have bone issues! This is an instant, safe and radiation-free way of finding out your bone health.... there and then.

We have regular mobile bone health clinics here at

our centre as we think it is vital women (and men!)

are aware of their bone health.

Carried out by Orthopaedic Spinal Specialist, Nick Birch, of Osteoscan UK Ltd you get two scans (hip and lower back), pre- and post-scan evaluation, instant results and diagnosis plus post-scan chat/advice taking just 35mins. 

Results are emailed to you for future reference.


Not a huge amount of time for peace of mind, right?       

Price: £225 

Contact for further details or to book your scan

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